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Cut your fuel bills with one of our high quality solid fuel stoves or enrich your home with one of our fireplaces. We currently have a sale on while stocks last so right now is the best time to get up to 20% off a solid fuel stove or fireplace.

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For the Fennells, fireplaces have been the family business for three generations. Over the years, Fennell Fireplaces has earned an unrivalled reputation for the quality and authenticity of its full range of products as well as its professional design and installation service.

The available styles of fireplace may have broadened and changed over the years but some things do not change. Attention to detail, craftsmanship and a friendly approach are as important as ever.

Apart from a wide range of products, Fennell Fireplaces also offers you the benefit of over half a century of experience in the trade.

In more recent times, solid fuel stoves have also been added to the available product line.

Solid Fuel Stoves

Solid fuel stoves are a great way to heat an individual space in a way that is far more efficient and less expensive than traditional central heating. We stock the full range of Boru stoves that can be used to heat spaces of varying sizes from a small room to a large open plan area.

The Boru 4 kW

Italian Trulli

A contemporary look that is not overwhelming. The Boru 4 kW will suit most settings and styles. The 4kW is a multifuel stove and with its large glass it shows an unobstructed view of your fire.

Boru 400i

Italian Trulli

An insert design stove that is a very stylish and will fit all standard fireplace openings.

Boru 500i

Italian Trulli

A sleek but neutral design that would be perfectly at home in any traditional or modern environment. The Boru 500i will fit neatly into any standard fireplace opening while the neutrality of its style allows it to be used in the context of the decor of any room.

Carraig Beag

Italian Trulli

The Carraig Beag freestanding stoves are very efficient. With a massive 8kw output it’s big enough to heat a large room but small enough to sit on a standard hearth.

Croi Beag

Italian Trulli

An Croi Beag is Irish for The Little Heart. This little heart is full of energy with its 4.8kW output. The tapered fireback ensures the upmost of ease when fitting.

Fiachra Freestanding

Italian Trulli

The Fiachra 7kW insert stoves are feisty. They fit into your standard open fireplace and have a massive output of 7k.w. These insert stoves are truly amazing..


Your fireplace is important. We offer first-rate expertise in fitting fireplaces and we can also help you with selection. Our prices cannot be beaten and when you ring you will be talking to a qualified professional who can answer all your questions. Below is a quick gallery of our current best sellers however we have over 200 fireplaces available and custom work can also be done so please ring John anytime on 087 0901464.

Below is a quick overview of some of the styles/materials we can offer you.

Marble Fireplaces

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In terms of materials, marble is a classic when it cones to fireplaces. Marble can be used with gas, electric, or wood-burning fireplaces due to its excellent heat tolerance. When maintained properly, marble hardly ever develops stains, cracks, or chips. Because it is such a classic material, marble never goes out of style. We stock a very wide range of marble fireplaces including several unique designs that you won't be able to get anywhere else.

Granite Firepalces

Italian Trulli

Granite is a natural stone that can withstand very high temperatures and is very hard-wearing. It will not scratch easily and does not require you to be excessively careful with it. With proper maintenance it is virtually scratch resistant and will continue to look good even over an extended period of time.

Limestone Fireplaces

Italian Trulli

Limestone is a very strong and durable material. However, It is easier to work with than other stones like granite or marble. This means it can be cut in more creative ways to create very stylish and modern looks. Limestone fireplaces are often used in the context of a more modern environment where clean lines and a less ornate look are the order of the day.

We can also get you fireplaces in other materials. It is also possible for us to do custom work for you. To find out more or to get answers to your specific questions, please ring John on 087 0901464

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